10 januari 2017
Added new 27ft BEB; 67-35


17 december 2016
Added 3x 27ft BEB's;
68-218, Omerta & Terminator 2
Added 3 27ft BEB films


16 december 2016
It's been a while since the last website update.
New info 28-74-YB.
New historic photo 27ft BEB
Added two new 27ft BEB's; La Rose en 68-234


9 august 2014
Added a new type; the MO-634. Incl info, photo's, film and a boat in NL (Buffel).
Added a new 27ft BEB; Werkendam (For sale).


6 august 2014
Added 2 new boats: AHTS Hulk & Death Proof.
Addes document for BMK-130M and Detroit engines (27ft BEB & BMK-130M)


4 Januari 2014
The English side of the website is operational!


20 December 2013
A English version of the website is under construction.