Builder: Aluminum Company of America Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Model: HICE-27D
Hull: aluminium
Engine diesel version: 2x Detroit Diesel Division General Motors Corp. 5032-4000
Cylinders: 3
Horsepower: 92shp (+/-100PK) @2800RPM
(Engine gasoline version: 2x Gray Marine SIX-244 Express)


Length: 27ft (8,23mtr)
Beam: 8ft 2" (2,49mtr)
Hight: 6ft 5" (1,96mtr)
Maximum draft: 3ft 4" (1,02mtr)


Bow: 1150 lbs (522kg)
Stern: 6000 lbs (2722kg)
Total: 7150 lbs (3244kg)


The first boats were produced in 1951 and kept in production for about 20 years.
The first boats were equipped with 2 Gray Marine gasoline engines. Later on these boats were build with 2 Detroit Diesel engines and some old gasoline boats were equipped with these Diesel engines.

The boats were made for the US Army Corps of Engineers who used these boats for building pontoon bridges and for transporting freight.
It is possible to seperate the boat in 2 parts, for easier transport on a small truck.
Known places of active duty in the US Army are; USA, South-Korea, Vietnam and Germany.
Some boats were in standby-service for the Marine Spill response Corporation (MSRC) in the USA. 

US Army Germany phased out these boats between 1981 and 1983. A large amount of boats were sold (mostly to The Netherlands) or shredded.

14 boats were in service with the Dutch Army. Around 1955 these boats were given to Holland as part of the Marshall-help. Equipped with 2 Gray Marine gasoline engines these boats had registration numbers RV300 - RV313. Most boats were sold in 1990 to mainly 2 companies; 
D. van Dam BV, Zeist (RV300, RV301, RV303, RV309, RV313) en A. Hommeler BV, Schaijk (RV302, RV305, RV306, RV311 ). Een klein aantal werd in de jaren 1970 afgevoerd (RV304, RV307, RV308, RV310, RV312).